Success Stories
What did you find most valuable or perhaps surprising in a positive way about the CAA program?

Student Name: Alicia Arroyo

“What I found most surprising about Career Advancement Academy is how fast you can get a good education. The most valuable was all the software programs we learned to use in the medical office.”

Student Name: Rikki Cancino

“I was surprised to find all the different little programs, like EHR and med term, that are offered at Career Advancement Academy. I thought it was going to be more basic than it really was.”

Student Name: Bernadette Cordon

“I was surprised with the opportunity that can be found at Career Advancement Academy. I passed by the Business Resource Center all the time, on my way to work but never realized the opportunity that awaited me. I learned so much from attending classes and this has been an invaluable experience. I would definitely recommend Career Advancement Academy to anyone.”

Student Name: Erica Groshong

“The most valuable aspect in attending the Career Advancement Academy was the instructors and having all the resources in one place to help me with my educational goals. The most surprising part was that the training had little to no cost as it is a non-credit program. I feel that it was important to take advantage of every aspect that Career Advancement Academy had to offer.”

Student Name: Gina Pollack

“I am very happy and feel that the most valuable part of attending Career Advancement Academy was the amount of education that I received. I was surprised and happy that my training included computer experience and have been able to apply this training in my current position.”

Student Name: Maricruz Reyes

“I attended Career Advancement Academy many years ago when it was called Employer Focused Training. I recently returned to update my computer skills. The most valuable and surprising aspect of Career Advancement Academy are the education pathways that are now available. You have more opportunity to get a job with these programs than without them.”

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